The State of The Union


Well, it seems that the state of the union speech turned out to be nothing more than another "blame everyone but me" speech. This had everything in it: lies, deceit, arrogance, egotism, self importance, conceit, superiority, vanity, and smugness. This speech even contained another Joe Wilson type moment when Justice Alito shook his head in disbelief, and mouthed the words "not true". Things are so bad for Obama that there was an office pool to see what DEMOCRAT would shout out "YOU LIE" last night. I lost the pool on that one (I had Harry Reid). He talks the talk, but cannot walk the walk. His mantra is simply BIAOB "Blame It All On Bush". " I inherited these problems" he says, perhaps some of that is a legitimate complaint, but the truth is, that the anointed one has created plenty of his own, and made the others far worse. So far he has not figured out a way to solve one single problem facing this nation, and the only measure of leadership ability he has for being elected president is that he ran a good campaign, because he obviously cannot run a country. It seem to be all about him. He referred to himself over 100 times in last nights speech, but noticeably absent in his speech was any mention of how he handled the mirandizing of a terrorist captured after a failed terror attack on Christmas Day (The fourth such attack on our nation in just his first year in office). Let us not forget that it took over 3 days to talk to hte country about this attack, and only 3 hours for him to chime in on how the police acted "Stupidly" in the Cambrige police debacle.

In short, last nights speech was an abysmal failure, and disconnect from the American people. He should resign as president, and get out of the way of progress.

My DC Tea Party Story

socialism joker
As I am leaving to drive to Washington DC, I wondered what I was going to get myself into. Would this be a big event? Would I be one of only a handful of people that would be there? Would the Obama supporters, ACORN, and the SEIU membership be there to cause trouble or intimidate? Upon my arrival at the Metro (train) station at Twinbrook, I pulled into an almost empty parking lot. I met 2 women that were on their way to attend, Sheryl, and Sakina. Now Sakina was 'dressed' to the hilt in a red blazer pant suit and heels. Not your typical protest attire. Sheryl was dressed in the Obama joker t shirt, and flag pants. As I was gathering my stuff we saw each other and were instantly connected. They were local people that came here for the same reasons we all were coming for. They helped me with acquiring my train ticket - which was a true Godsend (if you have ever tried to figure out DC Metro train system, you understand), and we were on our way. The train was pretty full of people for 8:15 am on a Saturday. Some people appeared to be heading to DC as well, and others looked at us like we had 3 heads.

We arrived at Union Station, and began to walk 4 blocks toward Freedom Plaza. As we arrived at Freedom Plaza around 8:45, we found a fair group of people that had assembled there. We were looking around, and Sakina said "Let's get as close as we can to the stage". Despite our best efforts, that was the last time we saw her all day. Freedom Plaza was not the destination, but rather the assembly area for a march that would go 13-14 blocks to Capital Hill. We walked around for a while, and checked out what was going on, and by 10:00 it was full, and beginning to get difficult to move around. Around 10:30 or so, the march began down Pennsylvania Avenue toward Capital Hill. Sheryl, and I decided to split up, and take one last attempt to find Sakina. We thought that based on the people that we could see, it would take about 15 minutes fro the crowd to clear out of the plaza. I took a position on the SE corner atop the rim of a large planter so I could see above the crowd. After 15 minutes, the crowd was moving, but looked the same. People came from all over to march down Pennsylvania Avenue, they were literally streaming in from all of the side streets. I stood on that planter for about an HOUR, watching people passing by, and that was not the end of the crowd! It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen, So many people in the same place at the same time, for the same purpose, and of the same mind. There were no strangers there, it felt more like a unified family gathering. The media reports these numbers in the thousands, others say the tens of thousands, but look at the aerial photos, and tell me that there were not HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS! The US parks department officials are estimating 2.1 million attendees.

As the march began down Pennsylvania Avenue, people were singing the national anthem, God bless America, and other patriotic songs. At one point, an angry female liberal yelled at me specifically "you should be ashamed of yourself", to which I responded "I am not, as a matter of fact I am PROUD TO BE HERE", "Real American Patriots are here", and "angry mob, coming through, here we are". That was about the only negative sentiment that I saw all day, notwithstanding the guy that had a "Public Option Now" sign. Now had this been a pro leftist rally, and a conservative would have shown up there, he or she may have not made it out alive. This is the main difference, the people there still respected his right to express his opinion, no matter how wrong he was. socialism joker

My photograph was taken hundreds of times, if not a thousand or more, due to my sign which read "We Came Unarmed (this time)" Apparently that was a big hit with the constituency, NRA members at large, and everyone else that felt that our constitutional rights are under attack by the current administration. I heard things like "that is the best sign today", and the "This time" phrase was repeated over and over again. Even Clint Black liked it. The other side read "Capitalism is not the problem, Ivy league politicians are." Pertinent, yet maybe not as controversial. I was even interviewed by 4 organizations. Slate magazine, Freedom Press, channel 2 (local), and a couple of guys from Austria. I met people from NY to California, and talked to someone who knew of some people that even came from Hawaii to be here at this event.
I do not think that I have ever been so proud to represent people that I know that could not come to this event, but wanted to. I have never been as proud to be able to exercise my right to carry out my 1st amendment right to free speech, and to peacefully assemble. Make no mistake about it, this was a peaceful, yet massive assembly.

This is an occasion that I will always remember, have the ability to say "I was there when…", and I will return again if necessary.

socialism jokerThe social agenda of this administration

Mr. obama, Why do you feel that we need a civilian national security force that is funded and trained as equally as the military? Who is this fight against? Who is the enemy here? it's not illegal aliens, it's not muslims (we are not at war with)... I submit to you that it is against people that hold a differing view from you.

The Green Jobs Czar

How does a guy who has a criminal record, is a self avowed communist, and a former member of the Black Panthers get to have the ear of the president? However it has come to fruition that is your new marxist green jobs czar Van Jones.


Do these 2 logos look eerily similar to you?

Republicans that voted for cap and trade

Mary Bono Mack (Calif.), Mike Castle, Mark Steven Kirk (Ill.), Leonard Lance (NJ), Frank LoBiondo (NJ), John McHugh (NY), Dave Reichert (Washington), Chris Smith (NJ)

Vote out every one of these people when they come up for re-election.

When the Heritage Foundation did its analysis of Waxman-Markey, it broadly compared the economy with and without the carbon tax. Under this more comprehensive scenario, it found Waxman-Markey would cost the economy $161 billion in 2020, which is $1,870 for a family of four. As the bill's restrictions kick in, that number rises to $6,800 for a family of four by 2035.


Obama Did Not Have To Accept

Obama did not have to accept the invitation to Notre Dame. I think he did it just to thumb his nose at religion, or to grease the wheels for some radical left wing policy he'll introduce shortly. Additionally, he did not have to make this a political speech. He COULD have taken the high road.... something motivational about making a difference in the world, paving your own way, working for what you have instead of having someone else or government do it for you. He could have done anything else but make it a political statement, and/or campaign rally speech. He could have mentioned the great achievement of making it to this point in their lives.

That is, unless they had been ABORTED, in which case they would not have been there in the first place.


We can no longer afford to be spectators

Don't Tread On MeWith out of control government spending, and the worldwide "Apologize for America" tour of Barack Obama, America's position in the world is now greatly diminished. We can no longer sit idle, and just watch what happens from the sidelines. We can not be armchair quarterbacks any more. It is time to stand up, and take back our country.

Obama is a Liar

Never in history has one man done so much damage in so little time. Look at what has transpired in the 1st 100 days. The government now effectively is in control of the banking system (your money), GM (your autos), he is trying to take over your food supply (cheerios are a drug), and cause your energy costs to skyrocket with cap and trade. Let's look at some of the whoppers told by Obama since the campaign.

LIE : Lobbyists "won't find a job in my White House"
TRUTH: Except for Eric Holder, Tom Vilsack, William Lynn, Mark Patterson, Melody Barnes, and a whole host of others. Around a dozen in all. This is not just a few exceptions to the rule but rather IT IS THE RULE.

LIE : "I will veto any earmarks that cross my desk"
TRUTH : Except for this 410,000,000,000.00 one - that one is OK ;) Obama had the power to keep this promise, but again, failed to do so.

LIE: 90% of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States.
TRUTH : The Mexican government separates guns it confiscates that were made in the United States and sends them here to be traced. U.S. weapons are easy to identify because of clear markings. Of the ones sent here to be traced, 90 percent turn out to be from America, but most guns recovered in Mexico are not sent here so are not included in the count.
Read the full article from the Washington Times HERE



Abolish the Earned Income Credit
(or at least cap it.)

The earned income credit - that lovely tax advantage that rewards parents for having children born out of wedlock, and pays people for making babies. This provision in the tax code allows for those people that PAY NO TAXES to actually RECEIVE A REFUND when they file. Now, the last time I checked, that would make them an employee of the federal government, and that money should be reported as income. Need a raise? Have another kid. This preys on the poor, and keeps them down by making sure that they are totally dependant upon government.

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